Th Series Customized Height Powder Ring Chain Bucket Elevator

Th Series Customized Height Powder Ring Chain Bucket Elevator

TH Collection CZPTized Peak Powder Ring Chain Bucket CZPT

Ring chain bucket elevator is usually made for a range of purposes where ever conveying and storing of bulk supplies is required&period Clearly&comma all buckets are mounted to the chain by indicates of relationship with threaded chain hook&period of time In this way&comma components is totally taken by the buckets and discharged in a ongoing way to the following conveying systems&interval This type bucket elevator has efficient transport of resources in steady procedure&comma this sort of as limestone&comma cement&comma slag&comma coal&comma and so on&period

Distinguished Benefits
1&periodOutstanding Service Daily life
Because of to unique layout of chain back links&comma which are manufactured from substantial-high quality manganese steel&comma contributes to a prolonged service lifestyle&period of time
two&periodLarge Conveying Ability
With bucket widths ranging from 160 mm to 1&comma000 mm&comma it can deal with a broad scope of conveying capacities much more than 450 m³&solh&interval
3&periodWide Application
Rain chain bucket elevator can manage granular&comma coarse and abrasive resources&comma requires different industries&interval

TH sequence bucket elevator is broadly used for transporting materials&comma the density is considerably less than one&period5t&solm3&comma easy to draw out powder&comma granular&comma block and so forth reduced grinding content&time period Spherical link chain bucket elevators are the preferred conveying methods for the transport of hot bulk components and coarse-grained components&interval Such as coal&comma cement&comma gravel&comma sand&comma fertilizer&comma grain and many others&period 

CZPT Parameter

Design TH160 TH200 TH250 TH315 TH400 TH500 TH630 TH800 TH1000
Bucket Variety zh sh zh sh zh sh zh sh zh sh zh sh zh sh zh sh zh sh
Capability &lparm3&solh&rpar fifteen 25 eighteen 29 31 48 forty six 80 eighty one hundred twenty five one hundred 157 152 246 177 280 294 456
Bucket Width &lparmm&rpar 160 200 250 315 400 five hundred 630 800 a thousand
Bucket Volume &lparL&rpar one&period2 1&period9 one&period5 2&period4 three four&period6 3&period8 six 5&period9 9&period5 9&period3 fifteen fifteen 24 23 38 38 58
Bucket Pitch &lparmm&rpar five hundred 512 688 920
Chain Specification &lpardiameter×pitch&rpar &solmm 14×50 18×64 22×86 26×92
Chain Quantity 2 two 2 2
Single Chain Broken Load &solkN &geq190 &geq320 &geq480 &geq570
Bucket Speed &lparm&sols&rpar one&period2 one&period4 one&period5 one&period6
Driving Pulley Diameter &lparmm&rpar 300 365 520 630 710 800 900 one thousand 1250
Driving Shaft Rotation Pace &lparr&solmin&rpar 69&period71 63&period22 forty four&period11 42&period5 37&period6 35&period8 31&period8 30&period5 24&period4
Max&period of time Substance Particle Dimension &lparmm&rpar twenty twenty five 30 35 forty 50 sixty sixty five 70

Variety Xihu (West Lake) Dis.line 

name of material&colon&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar
density of material&colon &lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbart&solm3
particle size&colon &lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbarmm
handling capacity&colon &lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbart&solh
water content of material&colon &lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&percnt
material temperature&colon &lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbarºC

Lifting length&lpardistance between inlet and outlet&rpar&colon&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbarm
Outline height of bucket elevator&colon &lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbarm
Distance between shaft of head drum and tail drum &lparshaft of chain wheel&rpar&colon&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar&lowbar m

Other parameters
Working condition&comma indoor or outdoor&quest
What is the upstream and downstream equipment&quest
Voltage&colon &lowbar&lowbarV&lowbar&lowbarHz3ph

Th Series Customized Height Powder Ring Chain Bucket Elevator