Spiral Blast Freezer with Conveyor Belt

Spiral Blast Freezer with Conveyor Belt

Spiral blast freezer place with conveyor belt

Major parts of Spiral blast freezer place with conveyor belt.

Specification of CZPT belt:

CZPT belt width


Powerful width



SUS304 spring hard wire 1.5mm

Use rod

Plunger 5mm, cap bead very hot push forming, set by welding technique

CZPT belt website link

The thickness of the backlinks on each sides is 3mm, and the left and appropriate baffles are 15mm substantial. SUS304

CZPT belt mesh

The heart distance of the mesh is 9mm.

Can be put straight on the mesh belt to freeze

Spiral layers

17 layers

Height among levels

200mm (internet peak 160mm)

CZPT whole size




Feed rack

In feed one.5m

Out feed .5m

In feed way

In feed and out feed at same facet.

In feed peak


Out feed peak


In feed and out feed time


CZPT belt shifting

Chain travel, frequency manage

Insulation panel for Spiral blast freezer space with conveyor belt

one. The capacity of spiral freezer is primarily based on freezing hen. Loading density: five.5kg/m2, in feed temperature: +fifty, out feed temperature: -eighteen,freezing temperature:-35±2.

2. Relying on the different products, the freezing time can be adjusted

3. Refrigerant ability is counted on the base of +35 condensing temperature and -forty two condensing temperature.

4. The technological parameter can be design nonstandard based on the freezing food

Refrigeration unit for Spiral blast freezer place with conveyor belt.


Compact structure

Adopted multilayer spiral structure, it is 1/3 to 1/2 smaller than other freezing equipment which with same 


Reasonable design and run safely

Based on the experience of many years and overseas advanced techniques, the structure of the 
freezer is design reasonably. With the double protecting such as mechanical electric, the freezing 
runs safely.

Easy to use

Direction od in feed and out feed can be selected according to the customer’s requirements.
Especially forthe different foods product line.

Easy to maintain ans washing 

It is no especial technique in operating the equipment, by simple cultivating. The evaporator tubes and fins are all made by aluminum alloy.
The large fins, which easy to clean, assure the hygiene requirement. The convey net belt are 
cleaned strongly by water pump and dried by high pressure fan. The stainless steel water slot,stainless steel water pump,high pressure fan with stainless steel enclosure and fan leaves ensure no pollution ne the net belt. Even it has a large space and with less damageable part.

Extensive are for frozen food

Flour foods,vegetable rolls, spring rolls, vegetable, fruits and meat food, frys and other little 
package foods..

Stainless steel structure

Completed stainless steel structure, the high strength mesh belt is made from SUS304 stainless 
metal. The product can be put on the belt directly to freeze with no belt’s marks. There are baffle 
fixed on both sides of the belt’s chain which can prevent the products or trays dropping from the 

Special air flow design

The design of the spiral tower and baffle plates outside the evaporator is a symmetrical and smooth cycles air flow, which enhances the product heat exchange efficiency and ensure cool air 
cant’t lose from the entrance of the in feed and out feed. Further more, the operator can enter into 
the cabinet to check the running condition when the equipment was running.

Sandwich isolation panel

The body is adopted polyurethane sandwich isolation panel with stainless steel sheet metal. 
The door has double seal rods and equipped with heater for opening the door easier.

CZPT convey control

The spiral convey has adopted the America advance technology and run reliably. The net belt is 
controlled by transducer. And the speed of it can be adjust . The stainless steel electrical control 
box, inside temperature digital and electrical components are all manufactured by France 
Schneider Company. The feature of it is reliable.

Big trough in the bottom for draining easily

The bottom with 3mm stainless steel board made of tank. That is easy for cleaning and draining.


Spiral Blast Freezer with Conveyor Belt